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Japanese nail artists will take care of your fingers and toes if you choose our brand new nail design service. There is one for everybody in our long list of design patterns.

Modelled Nails

- One color € 45
- Graduation € 60
- French € 75
- Art € +10 ~
- Removal € 15-20
- Stones € +1€/pro
- Care € 40



Matsunaga Shiatsu und oil massages: That's Japan in Frankfurt.
But if you have tensions in your shoulders, back, legs or anywhere else,
just let us know, so we can concentrate solely on them. And you'll see, they will be gone in no time.



You can stay fully clothed during
the Shiatsu programm.

- 30 min € 27
- 60 min € 54
- 90 min € 81

Since special neurologic and energetical points are stimulated, this genuine Japanese technique doesn't only result in relaxed muscles, but also in a strengthened immune system.

Japanese Oil Massage

Muscular tension withstands the Japanese
version of an oil massage.

- 30 min € 30
- 60 min € 58
- 90 min € 85

In addition the blood and lymph flow is smoothened what results in a faster natural reduction of products of metabolism. This makes itself felt with a reduction of possible swellings all over the body.

Face treatment

True relaxation while getting prettier ?
No problem with our face treatment.

- 60 min
Face and upper breast
€ 40
- 90 min
Face, upper breast, Hands and scalp
€ 60
   Herkin (water peeling and ultrasoundwave treatment) if ordered in addition to a basic face massage only 20€.

 This skin massage technique is more than a mean to relaxation. It produces a lift-up effect that will make your skin look young and fresh.

Head SPA

Say goodbey to your tensions
in neck and shoulders.

- 60 min
Incl blow drying
€ 65
- 90 min
Incl blow drying
€ 95

 You can literally feel the effect this massage has on your body's blood and lymph flow.

Foot Massage

We start off with a relaxing foot bath.
If your feet are smooth and ready to go,
the pressure point massage begins.

- 25 min € 25

 In Japan the feet are said to be "the second heart". So you see why we consider the Tsubo massage as an essential part of our massage program.



Let your eyelashes reveal the true Beauty
in your eyes for more than just a day.
- Once applied, the eyelash perm last for about one month.


If you ask for it, we will mix in a special treatment that increases the durability of your new curves and also serves as care for newly growing lashes.

- Eyelash perm € 38
- Eyelash perm + treatment € 40
- Eyelash extensionsNEW
(80 eyelash)
€ 80